Erweiterte Märkte, neue Geschäftsfelder – unser Support.

Nachhaltig­keit bedingt neue Geschäfts­felder, veränderte Produkte, erweiterte Ziel­gruppen oder die Ent­wicklung von Innovationen. Es braucht man­chmal Zeit, die bestehende Organisation an die neuen Möglich­keiten anzu­passen. Eine Unter­stützung von außen gibt hier neue Impulse, die durch die Organisation internalisiert werden. Trans­formation in diesem Sinne heißt für uns Coaching und die Unter­stützung beim operativen Ver­trieb – so lange wie es not­wendig ist.
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We make the spark fly.

Sales support is three things to us: the development of an adapted sales strategy, support for operational sales and the targeted coaching of your employees to prepare them for changing conditions. But sales support also means to us that we open our networks to you in order to place your portfolio there.
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Your benefits


We have over 20 years of experience in the retail business in the main industries.


An international network with different distribution channels is at your disposal. We also think for you non-traditionally and unconventionally.


Transformation means for us also the coaching of your employees. This involves many colleagues - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process.

We are measured by implementation.
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"Greenwashing" is the stigmatization of a pure confessional strategy without a substantial transformation performance. This judgment is not precise enough for us. Only a commitment can lead to a process of understanding and, based on that, a process of transformation. It is our claim to accompany this process with strategic input and a transformation based on it.
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Transformation needs flexibility

Do you have a specific problem in implementing your strategy?

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