Internal and external communication

The transformation process creates new occasions for communication - internally and externally. It must accompany the process in a credible manner and generate maximum goodwill and loyalty. Internally, it shapes the change management process and thus creates a high degree of identity. Externally, it creates reputation and recognition for the company.
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Sustainable communication requires a clear strategy and rules

During the transformation of your company, we accompany you with a comprehensive strategic communication concept and support you in the implementation of communication measures. This includes editorial work for cover letters, language arrangements, press releases and speeches, conception and support for events, management workshops or employee meetings as well as media placements on your topics. In this way, the recipients of your messages become supporters of your company on the road to sustainability.
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Your benefits


We have over 20 years of experience in the design of corporate and crisis communication.


Communication is an essential part of our consulting approach and is therefore ajour and part of the process from the beginning.


Transformation means for us also the coaching of your employees. In this way, many colleagues are involved - this creates enthusiasm for the transformation process.

We are measured by implementation.
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"Greenwashing" is the stigmatization of a pure confessional strategy without a substantial transformation performance. This judgment is not precise enough for us. Only a commitment can lead to a process of understanding and, based on that, a process of transformation. It is our claim to accompany this process with strategic input and a transformation based on it.
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Transformation needs flexibility

Do you have a specific problem in implementing your strategy?

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