The turn for the good

A turnaround is almost always the turn before or during a corporate crisis. It must usually be implemented and take effect at short notice. A sustainable turnaround is a careful adaptation measure to changed framework data, market preferences, increasing predatory competition and extended risks. The goal of a sustainable turnaround is to achieve or increase resilience.
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Resilience as a goal of corporate management.
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The sustainable turnaround is not bound to a situation or an occasion. As a result, it optimally prepares the company for crisis and upheaval situations. With this perspective, it is thus about overcoming a concrete crisis. The (meta-) goal remains the increased resilience of the company.
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Sustainability is systemic crisis prevention.

The implementation of a company-wide sustainability strategy for the entire company in terms of a turnaround requires a deeper understanding of the topic. We put together an interdisciplinary team for this purpose and accompany you throughout the entire process in different ways.

Maturity model of sustainability

Maturity model of sustainability

The process determines the success.

We hardly ever experience any problems in the market understanding sustainability - almost always the turnaround is about the right first and subsequent steps. We are prepared for this. We first develop the most important options and define the initial and subsequent steps together with you. Depending on the specific situation, the initial focus is either on cost and efficiency aspects or on reputation and goodwill issues. Prioritization with an optimal benefit absorption at the beginning of the turnaround management is important.

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We work in interdisciplinary teams and thus offer you a maximum cross-section for the turnaround process.


Our consulting approach condenses the complexity of sustainability and thus creates the conditions for an operationally optimized turnaround process.


Our analysis and selection methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process from the very beginning.

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