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There is no real understanding problem in the market for the topic of sustainability. The challenge lies in implementing and starting the transformation in the right place. It has been part of Licennium's DNA from the very beginning to accompany the developed strategies and projects for our customers and partners. We also apply this self-conception to sustainability projects and support you in your transformation.
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Transformation topics

As an end-to-end consultancy, we aim to accompany our clients all the way to the realisation of results. This claim applies in particular to our sustainability topics. Beyond this classical transformation of the topics, we offer additional services:

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Our transformation service is based on an international network. This enables us to offer you a wide range of transformation options.


Sustainability and growth are not contradictory for us. Our understanding of transformation is strongly characterized by a sales-oriented approach.


Transformation means for us also the coaching of your employees. In this way many colleagues are involved - this creates enthusiasm for the transformation process.

We are measured by implementation.
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"Greenwashing" is the stigmatization of a pure confessional strategy without a substantial transformation performance. This judgment is not precise enough for us. Only a commitment can lead to a process of understanding and, based on that, a process of transformation. It is our claim to accompany this process with strategic input and a transformation based on it.
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Our maturity model

maturity model

Transformation needs flexibility

Do you have a specific problem in implementing your strategy?

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