"Everything is getting more expensive". Not true, sustainability opens up new growth opportunities!

The company's focus on sustainability offers enormous opportunities for new business fields and growth options and creates new impulses for business models. Sustainability is also a game-changer, in the wake of which new markets develop, changed service requirements arise or new market participants can assert themselves. We have been working on growth strategies for companies for more than ten years - also outside the core business.
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Sustainability is not hostile to growth!
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New business fields and growth are created with new structures that trigger sustainability and recycling management. For example, the Second-Hand market in the USA used to be a niche market and is now an essential pillar in the fashion market there. Growth will occur wherever new product or technology solutions are needed or new process approaches can be established.
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The systematic collection of options on our STValue-Grid.

With our STValue-Grid we systematically capture possible growth opportunities, business areas or expandable business models. In doing so, we focus on the three main innovation drivers and establish the relation to the three sustainability dimensions. In this way we create an optimal system integration in the system of sustainability for the topic of business fields and growth.

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Sustainable business plans for new business areas and growth.

With our approach STValue we first evaluate possible business areas and growth options for your company. This is done on the basis of different innovation instruments. In this phase, it is about a convergent approach without consideration of quantitative criteria. In a second step, we provide you with a corresponding investment plan, external market analyses and a business plan based on these analyses. We support you in implementing your growth options.

Application scaling of existing products, technologies and services can also generate growth and at the same time involve some form of resource efficiency. Here we work together with funding institutions and can design attractive project approaches on this basis.


Your benefits


Our approach consistently pursues the growth options in the market of sustainability. This enables you to realize further important value drivers such as market expansion and sales growth.


We develop a pool of options which we prioritize for you on the basis of quantitative models.


Our qualitative methods are designed in such a way that many of your employees can be involved - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process right from the start.

Growth and the expansion of business fields are the basis for the economically sustainable development of the company value and resilience.

The design of sustainable business fields and growth options are in themselves essential parameters for the economic assessment of a sustainability strategy. The implementation results in sales impulses, market expansion, but also soft value drivers such as goodwill or reputation. Resource efficiency and growth strategy together form the foundation for economic sustainability

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Let us talk about growth.

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