Sustainability –

From our perspective, a sustainability strategy must be rationally justified and thus measurable. This perspective is the core of our consulting and expertise. Our roots lie in systematic market analysis, the use of DIN EN ISO rules and regulations for operational sustainability management and the alignment of our strategic results with business plans. We are convinced that consulting content must be controllable by KPI's.
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We rely on known parameters such as ISO standards and thus reduce the effort.


Our analytical modules are modular and can be adapted to your individual needs.


Our qualitative methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates enthusiasm for the transformation process.

Sustainability –
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Sustainability is often synonymous with the "price increase" of the product or service. This perspective does not go far enough, since immanent economies of scope such as cost savings or resource efficiency improvements are not adequately tracked. For this reason, the introduction of a sustainability strategy always requires a sound analysis core from which monitoring systems can be derived for the company. Our consulting projects are based on this core.
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Customized analyses

You want to have detailed questions of your sustainability strategy analyzed? Contact us now to arrange an individual consultation and structure the topic of sustainability for your company.

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