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Systemwirkstoff zur Umwandlung von Wärme in Energie

Project duration: Since 2019

Bipolymers are plastic strips that bend very sharply when heated. They can be produced at unbeatable cost in a roll-to-roll process. Our temperature effect can achieve clever functions in many applications. However, bipolymers can also be 3D printed, so we have total freedom in shape and application.

Licennium has been engaged to assist in the financing of the startup on a licensing basis

Novel building insulation technology

Project duration: 2017 – 12/2019

This revolutionary approach to building insulation is based on the natural laws of physics and works highly efficiently in all climatic zones of the world. It additionally makes efficient use of the sun's rays as an exogenous energy source and locks out moisture. Due to the dry walls and exterior components of E8, mold growth on the room side and damage to the facade, a common problem of previous insulation systems, are ruled out. E8 is predestined for ecological building insulation, even in regions with extreme climatic conditions, and significantly reduces energy costs for room temperature control.

Licennium has accompanied the investment case during the first years.

Disruptive hydrogen purification

Project duration: 2016 – 05/2019

FHT is a new, innovative hydrogen separation system that is much more efficient and cost-effective compared to the existing PSA process. The purification of hydrogen through a metallic membrane enables energy-efficient production of 100 percent pure hydrogen.

Licennium has accompanied the investment case during the first years.

Novel system for seawater desalination

Project duration: 2013 – 08/2018

In the future, potable water will be one of the most important resources in the world. Today, water is already scarce in many parts of the world. Yet the problem could certainly be minimized with high-tech. Economical water treatment is certainly an important element in decisively counteracting the worldwide water shortage. The technical solutions on the market are usually rather conventional and are based to a large extent on the principle of reverse osmosis. However, this technical principle is characterized by the fact that although the initial costs are relatively low, the maintenance costs - and thus running costs - are high. Also, the quality produced is rather in the satisfactory range.

Licennium has accompanied the investment case especially in Asia.

Urban lighting system

Project duration: Since 2020

Swiss Precision Lighting provides unprecedented precision and sustainability in lighting technology. That's because when we design our lighting systems, we start with the desired outcome, not a luminaire. Thus, our solutions direct the light precisely to the target area; it cannot be emitted in other directions at all. In this way, residents and nature are perfectly protected from light nuisance caused by illumination and glare.

Licennium was commissioned to accompany the financing of the start-up.

An extraordinary investment story

Project duration: 2011 – 2015

PREUSSAG, a brand with a glorious and impeccable past, represents more than 70 years of quality and success in the industrial sector as PREUSSAG AG. With the takeover by Hapag-Lloyd in 1997, the industrial conglomerate entered the industrial market and changed its corporate name to TUI AG in 2002 as part of a change in strategic direction. The aim of the concept was to breathe new life into the PREUSSAG brand and present it as a global industrial brand. PREUSSAG - an industrial brand that stands for innovative engineering culture, quality and reliability, with a sense of responsibility, strategic relevance, commercial sustainability and economic success.

Together with its Swiss subsidiary Rüssli, Wagner + Partner, Licennium developed a licensing concept for PREUSSAG with the aim of licensing the brand worldwide.

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Since 2007 we have been dealing with the value of companies. Our focus has always been on how this can be derived from a company's core and non-core business.This view "beyond" still accompanies us today and contributes significantly to our conviction that sustainability is the operating system of the future.

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